Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Dewayne Wise's Non-Catch And Fan Actions On The Play

Obviously the Dewayne catch drop of the foul ball hit into the stands in the top of the 7th last night was an incredible botch by the umpires, and the latest example of why MLB needed to institute instant replay yesterday.  The video can't be embedded, but you can watch the entire play in real time and multiple replays here.  I can understand missing the call in real time to a certain degree, especially with Wise tumbling into the front row so quickly.  But 3rd base ump Mike DiMuro, shown running towards the play in the replays, was in perfect position to see the ball come out of the glove, still missed it, and then for some reason did not check to make sure Wise had the ball in his glove as he climbed back onto the field, which Wise didn't.  I mean, great effort by Wise on the play, but it wasn't like he even really sold the catch that well.

That is what it is.  What I want to talk about is the fan conduct in that area during the whole ordeal.  Too often we see overzealous fans in those front row seats around the field stupidly interfere with their home team players trying to make a catch so they can get on TV.  This was not the case last night.  Yeah, there were a few fans standing up and raising their hands to make a play, but check the people directly in the area of where Wise was reaching/falling to make the play, particularly the dude in the red shirt:

He's standing back, out of the way, and giving Wise room to make the play without interference.  He was smart enough to recognize the situation, follow the play, and make sure that he didn't get involve to screw up Wise's attempt to make the out.  Good on you, sir.  +1.

Now, on the other side of that coin are the 2 goobers who picked up the ball that Wise dropped:

The guy in the maroon shirt picks up the ball and immediately raises his hand triumphantly to show it to the world.  On some of the early replays, you can see the guy in the green shirt watch the ball roll by him and then turn to Maroon Shirt and say, "you got the ball?"  This is all happening about 10-20 feet from Mike DiMuro, who is running up the 3rd baseline to make the call.

Gentlemen, would it kill you to have a little tact in this situation???  Your team is in the process of possibly getting a gift of an out call on a play that the fielder clearly didn't make, and you're waving the ball around and celebrating like a couple of 10-year-olds.  You're waving the evidence of the non-catch around right in the umpire's face!  Put that shit down!!  -1 for both of you.

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