Thursday, May 3, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Mo Carted Off Field During BP

The details of this story are still coming in, and there are differing accounts, but multiple sources are reporting that Mariano Rivera was carted off the field during batting practice tonight with what appeared to be a very severe injury to his right knee.

According to Dan Barbarisi, Mo put no weight on his right leg upon entering the team clubhouse.  It's too early to speculate on the exact injury, but early indications are not positive.

More on this to come...

** UPDATE- 6:41PM- Apparently there is video of the injury that people have seen.  Multiple Yankee beat writers tweeting that his right knee buckled while reaching for a flyball. **

** UPDATE- 6:50PM- The YES team all reporting that Mo leaped to make a catch near the warning track, buckled the knee on landing, and went down immediately.  Sounds eerily similar to the Derrick Rose injury. **

** UPDATE- 6:57PM- Injury is officially being called a "twisted right knee" right now.  MRI scheduled for tonight. **

** UPDATE- 8:21PM- Bryan Hoch has the YES footage of the injury.  That did not look good at all. **

** UPDATE- Friday, 6:17AM- It was confirmed late last night that Mo suffered a torn right ACL and meniscus.  It hasn't been officially stated, but it's almost certain that this will end Mo's 2012 season and possibly his career. Sad. **

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Moneyplays said...

These season just keeps getting better and better. Just heard it was an ACL, let's hope that's wrong.