Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 AB4AR Season Preview: 10 Fearless Yankee Predictions For 2012

If you've been an AB4AR follower for a while, and you can remember back to last season and the first batch of fearless predictions I made, you know I'm straight money at this.  Picking division winners and MVPs is child's play.  It takes a real baseball genius to lay the type of future prognostication I'm about to lay on everybody right now.  Bookmark this page, use it to lay a few prop bets for the season if  you'd like, and then thank me in November.  Here are the 2012 AB4AR 10 Fearless Predictions:

1) After having the streak broken last season, Alex Rodriguez will reach 30+ home runs and 100+ RBI this season.

2) With his velocity and breaking ball command intact, Phil Hughes will pitch well enough to make his 2nd MLB All Star Game.

3) In the 2nd game of the 3rd Yanks-Sawx series of the season on Saturday, June 28, with D-Rob and Mo both being unavailable after pitching the night before, Rafael Soriano will record a perfect 2-inning save by sitting the Fraud Sawx's 1-6 hitters down in order, and will break a smile after doing it.

4) Despite a decrease in HR from his 2011 total, Curtis Granderson will beat his XBH total of 77 from last season and his career high of 84 XBH from '07 by smacking 40+ doubles this season.

5) Thanks to an elevated win total from playing with the Yankee offense supporting him and barely any regression from his career NL numbers, Hiroki Kuroda will get at least one Cy Young Award vote.

6) After earning a mid-season promotion from Trenton to Triple-A Empire State, Pat Venditte will be called up when rosters expand in September and become the 2nd switch pitcher in the modern era to pitch in a Major League game.

7) Helped in part by an improved offensive season closer to his 2010 campaign, Brett Gardner will finally win a Gold Glove.

8) The entire Yankee infield will play in the All Star Game.  Cano, Jeter, and A-Rod through fan vote; Teix as a bench selection behind Albert Pujols and Adrian Gonzalez.

9) After never attempting a bunt against the shift once during the first 161 games of the regular season, Mark Teixeira will square around during his first AB of the final game after getting the bunt signal from manager for the day Mariano Rivera.

10) Bobby V will be fired after his first season in Bahhston when his team fails to make the postseason again, and when it's announced I will take the day off from work to celebrate.

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