Friday, March 16, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Yankees Bring Back Andy Pettitte

I'm a little later than most on this because I was out at lunch when the story broke, but according to Jack Curry the Yankees have signed Andy Pettitte (yes, THAT Andy Pettitte) to a 1-year/$2.5 million MiL contract.

There are still very few details about this move, but a conference call is scheduled this afternoon to formally announce the signing and Pettitte himself will be on the call.

I really don't know what to say about this.  I can't imagine why the Yankees felt they needed to bring Pettitte back, and I'm shocked that Pettitte is interested in playing again.  He sounded like he was enjoying retirement when he showed up at camp a few weeks ago and spoke to reporters.  But it's never a bad thing to see Andy Pettitte in a Yankee uniform, and as an added bonus I have a reason to use this Photoshop again.

** UPDATE- 1:35PM- Curry has a story on describing how some of this came up.  It all goes back to Andy's visit to camp three weeks ago. **

** UPDATE- 2:09PM- According to Mark Feinsand, the deal was finalized last Saturday.

** Via Joel Sherman, a Yankee source on the Yankees' position with Pettitte- "If he wants to come back, we say yes."

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