Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Totally Nailed The Darvish Bidding

I know it was only 5 days ago, so it's not like I possess any kind of real prognostication skills, but I do recall making this statement after the bidding period closed for Yu Darvish last week:

"With some estimates on the winning bid being in the $40-50 mil range, there isn't much chance the Yankee bid will be the winner.  Smart money would be on the Rangers.  After losing Wilson they have the biggest need for a high-end starter."

Haha, how do ya like them apples?  Didn't need any fancy insider information or anonymous league sources, just good old fashioned logic and my keen Polish intellect.  Yes sir, I can smell a job offer from ESPNNY on the horizon.  Andrew Marchand and Buster Olney better watch their fucking backs because I've got my finger on the pulse of Major League Baseball.

P.S.- $51.7 million just for the rights to negotiate with the guy???  I know I said the Rangers needed a top-flight starter, but that's a serious price to pay.  By the time the contract gets done, they're looking at $100-120 million committed to Darvish.  That makes it a little more understandable as to why the Yankees didn't get heavily involved.


Anonymous said...

they are going to end up paying over 20mil a year for a pitcher with no experience in this country. The Yankees are doing right by sitting on the sidelines and letting the other teams use up there money in a low talent year.

The Captain said...

Agreed. I would have been on board for a $60-80 mil total expenditure for Darvish, but $100 mil is a lot of money.

Hopefully the decision doesn't come back to bite them.