Monday, December 26, 2011

A Belated Bullpen Stocking Stuffer

In case you haven't been keeping up with Joba's rehab from Tommy John, he provided an update early on Christmas Eve day the other day:

"Update on arm: feels great, throwing bullpens for a couple weeks. Now taking 2 weeks n resting my arm. Start throwing after the New Year"

If he's been throwing for a couple weeks already, that would put him ahead of schedule for his return.  Instead of June-July, we could be seeing Joba back in the 'pen some time in May, assuming he continues to progress on his schedule and doesn't have any setbacks.  As I've stated here before, he probably falls  behind Mo, D-Rob, and Sour Puss in the bullpen hierarchy, making him more of a luxury than a vital piece at this point.  But you never know what can happen with injuries, so the more late-inning depth the Yankees have, the better.

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David said...

The fall of Jaba from starter to reliever started with his first injury. I was thinking maybe the doctors that had checked him sense discovered he was a high risk for injury with to much use, so Cashman kept Joba in the pen to try and maxamise his usefulness. Now that the injury has happened and there is not much need for Joba in the pen do you think Joba might get an other chance to start. I have seen no mention of what the Yankees plan to do from cashman, if you recall last year he stated Joba would be in the pen early just like he stated A. J. would be a starter next year if he was with the team. This is probibly just wishful thinking, but i don't see where we have anything to lose.