Friday, July 1, 2011

New Month Linkapalooza

In honor of the changing of the months, and the upcoming 4th of July weekend, we're going to take a quick lap around the Yankosphere.  It's what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Declaration of Independence.

- Alphonso at It Is High... takes a jab, and a funny jab at that, at the job Eduardo Nunez has done as Jeter's replacement.  It's funny because it's true.

- In the same vein as that post, Brien at IIATMS takes a more statistical look at the Jeter vs. Nunez debate and shows that, despite his decline, Jeter is the better player.  My 2 cents on the matter?  I think Jeter is the better everyday option, even though I do like Nunez for some reason.  But that doesn't mean he should be hitting leadoff.

- Chad at LoHud has the latest injury updates on the Yankee walking wounded.  First Hughes, now Jeter.  The Thunder roster is getting STACKED.

- Mike at RAB makes a case for the Yankees adding Mike Adams to the 'pen.  I like me some Mike Adams, so I would support that move.

- Double dose from the crew at TYA.  First, Matt Imbrogno tries to determine who the odd man out should be with the soon to be overcrowded rotation.

- Second, Mike J-R digs deeper into the wOBA statistic.  Fair warning to old-time baseball people:  You will not want to read this.  Also, you're idiots for not recognizing its value to the game.

- William at The Captain's Blog looks at the Yankees' first half and tries to predict how they'll do the rest of the way.

- Lastly, we've got 2 separate and very entertaining interviews with MiL director Mark Newman.  First, Mike Ashmore gets the scoop on a wide variety of topics, including injury rehab for guys like David Adams, Jeremy Bleich, and Graham Stoneburner, what the deal is with Brackman, and the philosophy regarding handling young pitchers.

- Sensei John Kreese of NoMaas also touched on a ton of points in his interview with Newman.  Definitely a must read.  I was particularly interested to read Newman's take on the "Brien Gordon over the Triple-A guys" decision.

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