Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yankees Draft Dante Bichette

How does that taste, all you Yankee haters who thought the Yankees were screwed picking 51st while the rest of their division had half the picks before them?  A little Dante Bichette right in your eye!  This guy was the MAN back in the day.  I remember playing RBI Baseball '94 on my Game Gear growing up and straight dominating the world with him and Andres Galarraga on the Rockies.  Dude could rake.  40 homers, 128 RBI, and a .413 wOBA in '95, 31, 141, .380 in '96.  That's some solid production any way you cut it.  Sure, the guy is probably older than dirt now and I have no clue how he managed to re-attain his amateur status for this draft, but that's beside the point.  The Yankees added a Major League caliber power hitter with the 51st pick in the draft.  Dante Freakin' Bichette, baby!

Wait, what?  It's not him?  Kid?  What are you talking about?  Dante Bichette JR.???  He has a kid?  After all the 'roids he did?  No way.  Is his kid any good?  Is that a good pick?

People don't seem to think so.

Oh.  Well that kinda sucks.  Now I just feel like an idiot.



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