Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Quick Dose Of Perspective

Just for the record, the Yankees came into last night's game with the following players on the DL:

- Pedro Feliciano
- Phil Hughes
- Eric Chavez
- Rafael Soriano
- Joba Chamberlain
- Bartolo Colon

And in addition to that, they now have Russell Martin and Derek Jeter banged up and possibly heading for 15-day stints themselves.  Essentially, the Yankees have been playing and are continuing to play winning baseball without 40% of what would be their starting rotation, 3 of their top 5 bullpen guys, their best bat off the bench, and their starting catcher and shortstop.  For all the bitching and moaning that I and others around the blogosphere have done about the negative aspects of the Yankee play lately, I have to admit that it's pretty damn impressive that they've been able to stay competitive and right at the top of the AL.

Lord knows the Fraud Sawx haven't had to deal with any issues to their catchers other than the fact that they both suck.  And Carl Crawford doesn't have any injury excuses to explain his still sub-.300 OBP.  So sorry if I've been unnecessarily harsh on you over the last month or so, boys.  You're doing a damn fine job with whatever 25 you've got on the active roster.

Except you, Cervelli.  You still suck.

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