Friday, June 24, 2011

1 Cent Each For The 2 Stories Of The Day = My 2 Cents

Jeter Injury-

"I can't tell you right now when he will be ready," Cashman said. "He is getting treatment every day and feeling better, but he can't run and can't swing the bat." Cash via The Post)

This is bad news for Jeter and the race to 3,000, but probably good for him long term and good for the Yankees.  Guys who have had these injuries all say it can stay with you for the rest of the year, so if Jeter is getting better slowly, the Yanks might as well keep him out as long as it takes to get the calf back to 100%.  And it's not like the team is struh-gull-ing without his ridiculous groundball rate at the top of the order, so there should be no rush to get him back into the lineup.

Francisco Rodriguez To The Yanks?-

"If I am going to be traded, obviously I want the opportunity to close out games, but if it's going to be good teams like the Yankees or the Rays, and it's going to be for two months, I can go out there and help them out."  (Rodriguez, via The Daily News)

No, no, no.  A thousand times no.  I don't care what his numbers are, I don't care what his K rate is, and I don't care about the Yankee bullpen injuries.  I do not want this guy on the team at all.  He isn't better than D-Rob and shouldn't supplant him as the setup man, so there's really no need to sacrifice a prospect, even a lower level one if that's all it takes, to add a piece that isn't needed.  With the number of arms they have available and the fact that Hughes and Colon will be coming back to the rotation within a month or less, the Yankees have the internal flexibility to keep the bullpen stocked.  By now they should have learned their lesson about going after high-priced relievers.  It's just not worth it.

And Francisco Rodriguez is just a dick.  Keep him with the garbage in Flushing where he belongs.

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