Sunday, December 12, 2010


... Does anybody know what Cliff Lee and his agent are up to?  Anybody?  Homeboy just up and left the winter meetings early and now there's been no activity for days.  How fucking long does it take to figure out if you want $140 million or 160?

Did his agent's flight make it back OK?  And if he on a family vacation or something?  Did he lose power?  Or is he just on a really long hunting trip?  Somebody find this fucking guy and get him to sign on the dotted line already so I don't have to talk about Carl Crawford or fucking Russell Martin anymore.


Matthew Buono said...

Maybe a bear ate him while he was hunting in Arkansas?

The Captain said...

That would certainly hurt his negotiating power if he's serious about wanting that 7th year.

Death by bear is usually a warning sign that it's not good to give the guy in question a long-term contract.