Thursday, September 2, 2010


That's how you spell CC Sabathia, in case anybody was wondering.  Dude was on point today.  He barely even broke a sweat out there in his 8 one-hit shutout innings of work, attacking the zone, hitting his spots, and letting the pathetic A's lineup do what they could with his offerings, which was nothing.  Dallas Braden put up a solid effort, but it was a wasted one with Carten on top of his game at The Stadium.  Essentially, CC went out there today and told Braden...

... and there wasn't a goddamn thing Braden could do about it.  Barring injuries down the stretch, you can pretty much pencil CC in for his first career 20-win season.

P.S.- Brilliant strategy by Joe today having Swish fake an injury early in the game so he could get C-Grand out there and have him put on a HR derby display for the fans.

What's that you say?  Swish actually left with legitimate knee stiffness?  Oh, well that sucks.  But Granderson was still a monster today and I'm sure Swish will be fine.  The way he's played this year, the dude deserves a few days of rest.

(Picture used courtesy of River Ave. Blues.  Major props to whoever came up with that graphic)

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