Monday, December 3, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: A-Rod To Have 2nd Hip Surgery

I said after the season ended that I was only going to write about Alex Rodriguez as needed, and this story certainly qualifies.

After George King of The Post reported earlier today that there were some concerns within the organization about the health of A-Rod's surgically repaired right hip and that another surgery was a possibility, the situation has now escalated to the point that Rodriguez WILL have surgery and in all likelihood will miss the opening of the 2013 season.

Joel Sherman first confirmed that the surgery was a go and that Rodriguez played part of this past season with a re-tear in that hip.  Mark Feinsand followed up with a report that the surgery will take place in January, and that the team doctor wants A-Rod to take some time to strengthen the hip prior to surgery.

There were tons of questions floating around about A-Rod's health when he looked so weak late in the season and in the playoffs, and while Rodriguez himself wouldn't confirm anything at the time, this news comes as pretty definitive proof that he was playing injured.  We were already coming to an understanding that these last 2 seasons marked the end of A-Rod's days as an elite player.  Now with this latest setback with his hip, we may have to prepare ourselves for an even further deterioration of his skills and possible transition to part-time playing status.

More on this story as it becomes available...

** UPDATE 9:36AM- Sherman confirmed that Rodriguez was playing with the hip tear in this year's postseason.  That explains the lack of life in his swing. **

** UPDATE 9:48AM- Sherman now confirming that the tear is actually in A-Rod's left hip and not the right one that he previously tore and had surgery.  Not sure if that makes the situation better or worse. **

** UPDATE 10:17AM- Feinsand, citing multiple team sources, reporting that A-Rod is expected to be out until June or July of 2013 after surgery. **

** UPDATE 11:16AM- Ken Rosenthal reporting that A-Rod spent a night in the hospital after one of the Yankees' ALDS games because the pain in his left hip was so severe.  This just keeps getting better. **

** UPDATE 1:46PM- Yankees have made it official with a press release on the injury.  The surgery for his left hip will be "similar but not identical" to the procedure done on his right hip in '09, and as earlier reported the recovery time is expected to be 4-6 months. **

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